I was brought on to create heads up display style graphics for the company Golftec's upcoming promos during the PGA tour. I started off looking at video game huds, f1 racing displays, and other commercials or videos that portrayed swing power from ESPN sports center to easton baseball bats. I was given beautifully shot 900 fps footage on a phantom camera by John Roderick. 
I had to create a graphical representation of what the actual program captures while the golfer is swinging their club and how it translates to the actual green. This also included the pro-shop treatment and how they select the shafts as well as the perfect head for your style of golf.
I had to mess around with adding color to the sky as the orignal footage was overcast and grey out. I also had to track and rotoscope each golfers swing so I could add all of the extra elements that animated around them inlcuding the topography dots you see run across the golf green. 
Studio: Spillt
Roles: Animation and Design, rotoscoping, tracking, compositing
Cinematographer: John Roderick
Editor: Herman Nieuwoudt
Creative Director: Ed Rhine
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